The smaller of two islands known as the twin-island state of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the "Sister Isle" - Tobago lies 21 miles north-east of Trinidad. The most southerly of all the Caribbean Islands and home to a variety of species of flora and fauna.


Tobago is approximately 27 miles long and 7 miles wide with an area of 116 square miles and population of 50,000.  A drive around the island or tour through the rainforest will prove to be a delightful outing.  In the south-west, from the white sandy beaches and turquoise blue seas surrounded by coral reefs to the tranquil village of Charlotteville (a diverís paradise) on the extreme north-east.

The names of its towns and villages represent the wealth of ancient European battles when Tobago was lost and conquered on 31 separate occasions. Some of the names which can be seen today are Auchenskeoch, Scarborough, Goodwood, Plymouth, Argyle, líAnse Fourmi, Louis díOr and Bon Accord - to name a few.


Tobago also boasts the oldest Forest Reserve in the Western Hemisphere dating back to April 13th 1776.  The natural environment of Tobago is generally less developed than most Caribbean islands due to its geographical location at the southern end of the archipelago - furthest away from Europe and North America.  Large tracts of forest remain untouched by tourism development, and even agriculture is confined to small coastal areas.  The hills which run the length of the island attract significant rainfall and provide sufficient potable water for local inhabitants as well as the moderate number of visitors received annually.


Tobago has an energetic environmental NGO whose priority is to educate citizens to conserve and protect their natural heritage for future generations - as well as the enjoyment of visitors.  Mountain Biking Tobago fully supports the environmental lobby, and in its own way ensures that mountain biking tours do not in any way harm flora or fauna.  

All the trails used by our bikers are natural or existing trails.  No vegetation is destroyed to create them.  We are also very strict on littering and anything carried on the trail is brought back home for disposal.

"Take only memories - leave nothing but footprints".

So come to Tobago and enjoy the beauty of this small island, the charm of its people and the many outdoor activities available.



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